About Us

PwdGuard was founded by Somers (Sandy) K. Butcher, a successful business owner in IT and software development with over 30 years of experience. Along with running a software company, Sandy has worn many hats from programming, design, UXO, and development of products to marketing his company’s software.
Sandy has utilized two different Password Managers for over 25 years. The first one was built in the DOS environment and the second was built in the Window’s environment. Both products were great and very secure. However, those product developers promised for more than 10 years that they would make their products portable across all the major platforms and devices, and it has yet to happen.
In addition, Sandy has reviewed many other Password Manager offerings over the past 25 years and has found that each of them are lacking or missing critical features and security.
He believes that having a Password Manager is an essential part of protecting your assets. Since this is such a critical need, he knew it had to be created as an app, with no obstacles for every person to own, including making it FREE to all users. Also, he wanted the app to have its own revenue stream in order to ensure that the software could be updated frequently with the most current trends. Since a Password Manager App should be an essential part of protecting you. Sandy feels that that since it so important to protect yourself that there should not be any obstacle or excuses not to have and own a Password Manager apps and it should be absolutely free to the user. It should have a stream of revenue to ensure that the software can be update with most current trends.
Like many others, when Covid first hit the US, Sandy found himself with some extra time on his hands. It was during this time that he decided to start creating a Password Manager that would check all the boxes, with super security being the most important feature. The end result is PwdGuard, the best Password Manager that offers the highest security using an incredible patent pending process. Sandy has incorporated many unique features like being able to share your information in a QR code.
He stayed true to providing the service for FREE by allowing sponsored Banner Ads. Of course, if you choose, there is a No Ads version for purchase. In the start of Covid and found myself with some extra time to put my feeling to practice. Sandy designed one the best Password Manager and of course super secure with a patent pending process and many neat features like being able to share your information in a QR code. Sandy’s offering is called PwdGuard. PwdGuard can offer a free product is because they have Banner Ads sponsor, which allows PwdGuard to offer it free to the Users. Of course, you have option of no Ad version if you want to purchase it.
PwdGuard is a FREE cloud-based Password Manager that is very secure and is portable across operating systems like Google (Android), Apple (iOS), and Windows 10 and higher. You can download PwdGuard to your mobile devices, tablets, and desktops using a browser and our Progressive Web App (PWA). PwdGuard is a Free cloud base Password Manager with sponsor Banner Ads display unless you purchase the non-Ad version. This App offer you most all thing that paid App offers. Since the sponsors pay for it you get it for free. This App is very very secure and portable across operating system like Google (Android), Apple (iOS), and Windows 10 and up. You can download PwdGuard on mobile, tablets and desktop devices using a browser and PWA (Progressive Web App).
PwdGuard offers our users a military grade encryption with an encryption key code for each item saved. PwdGuard uses a patent pending process called 3SSDL (3 Secure Separate Databases Layers) allowing the user’s information to spread across THREE different secure databases reducing the chance of someone hacking into a database to gain enough knowledge to get into the user’s account. Users can also send QR Tags with their information ensuring others cannot see the text.
PwdGuard can store any type of digital data. It also can import/export backup copy. We do not store a copy of your databases on your localhost (device) or recommend that you do. For backup purposes we recommend putting a copy on a USB thumb drive. Be sure you know your encryption key codes. If for any reason you need to recover the data, you will be required to provide your encryption key codes. Your data is that secure.
PwdGuard also offers two large, encrypted memo fields in which you can put most any text, and you can setup unlimited categories and unlimited items. It’s a user-friendly app filled with all the features you’ll want or need.PwdGuard even has its own Facebook group, PwdGuard User Group, where you can learn more and keep up to date on any changes we make along the way.
PwdGuard will be released in late Summer or early fall 2022.