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You can use PwdGuard by just using your favorite popular browser and logging into your account or creating one.


Keeping Your Information Super Secure Is Our Business

Here are some of the many great features you’ll find:

  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Every item has its own encryption key
  • Patent pending 3 separate secure database layers
  • QR Tags for sharing of your information
  • Easy retrieval of information
  • Import/Export of data
  • Information is not saved on Local hard drive
  • Paste fill fields
  • Portable across popular platforms
  • Browser & PWA based
  • Free Forever
  • Full Version
  • SSL Security
  • VPS Server Security
  • Personal & Work Use
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 24/7 Security Support
  • Your privacy is number one to us!

We Offer You The Ultimate Password Manager

Thousands of threats come through the Internet every day. If do not want to become a victim of the hacking of your passwords or important data, or even more damaging, losing your identity, then it’s extremely important to have the very best protection possible. You may think a simple password protection on your browser (like Google Chrome) is good enough, but IT’S NOT! They are using very simple methods that will not provide you with enough protection.  PwdGuard is a private USA based company which stores data on VPS data servers located in the USA. WE DO NOT SHARE ANY of your Information to anyone without your written permission or unless it’s ordered by a court of law, and then we would notify you first.


  • VPS data servers
  • Encrypted database
  • SSL (Sock Secure Layer)
  • Patent Pending Ultra Secure Processes
  • Security Management
  • No activity secure notification

We Are Always Looking Out For Your Data

We use many processes and methods to ensure your passwords and data are protected. We are continuously adding new technology and practices to PwdGuard to make it even more secure.

Security Protects Sensitive Data

We are checking our secure network all the time.

Watching Over Our Data

Planning even better ways to protect you

Overseeing PwdGuard Methods

We are constantly reviewing the different threats to your data.

Enhance Security, Technology, and Trust

We are keeping up with all new methods and technologies.