Share Partner

PwdGuard offers an exciting way to have the possibility to earn thousands of dollars and also have a great giveaway program for your friends, customers, prospects. 

No; Selling, Giving Demos or Cold Calling

PwdGuard Share Partner Program gives you away to share how great PwdGuard is through an email which you can edit to share with your friends, customers and prospects.

We even allow you to include your business logo in the email, all need to do enter to share it with a person is enter a  name and their email address. We have provided a templated email which you can customize. We do not share or give this information with 3rd parties.

How you can earn thousands

When you share a person’s email address that email address will be automatically registered is you are the Share Partner. This means if that that email address is used in registering to buy PwdGuard sponsor ads that you received 25% commissions on the Ad buy assigned to that email address.

What to Do

You need to sign up for PwdGuard Account. It’s free!

Go to your profile and click on Share Partner and fill out information.

To Use it

From Home page Dashboard on upper right click on Share Partner link and a page appear and out the necessary field and send your first email.

Now your on your way to earn thousands.